Peter would play stooge and sing the Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' song, but only singing the chorus - repeated over and over again.  Ken would try and stop him without success, eventually giving up and throwing Peter his keys to the building.
  Can't remember this sketch!
   Johnny Sutton
   Ken, Peter Rowena & Johnny


Southdean show

The Wardrobe sketch:

Husband says goodbye to his wife and leaves for work but forgets his briefcase.  As soon as he is out the house, the wifes lover comes in and starts embracing the wife.  Shortly after, the husband comes back into the house and the lover hides in the wardrobe. 

The husband suspects the wife and looks for her lover in the room.  Husband gets a gun out and heads for the wardrobe saying, "I know youv'e got a lover in here, come out of the wardobe with your hands up, or I'll shoot".

The wardrobe door opens and the lover comes out sheepishly... followed by several other men, all with their hands up.  The lineup included a vicar and then little me at the end (see picture).

Always got a good laugh.



   Erik Jack & ?

Ken, Peter, 'Miss Goodbody' & Phil.

The Nudist Camp sketch - This was a brilliant sketch that always got a huge laugh!

I will add the story here soon.


The Finale

Probably singing 'Strolling'


   ?, Peter, Tony, ?

The Cinema sketch - Another brilliant sketch

Story will be added soon

?, Ken, Erik, Peter, ?

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