Ted Chandler Southdean Photographer

Holiday camp photographers were an integral part of holiday camp life in the 1950s, 60s and 70s - Far fewer people owned cameras and so they bought many holiday camp memories from the photographers.

My early memories were of Ted Chandler and his daughter Jean who ran the photography at Southdean for years and lived in Hayling Island.  They became my unofficial adopted parents and were really kind to me as a kid.  I did help them when I was old enough by displaying and selling the photos and numerous other tasks.  One perk of this, was that I could have any of the unsold photos at the end of the week and the kiosk became one of my homes on camp!


Ted Chandler Southdean Goodwood Races

 This outing was to Goodwood races.

Jean Chandler Southdean photographer Goodwood house

 Ted's daughter, Jean outside Goodwood House.  I remember having to clean all the chrome on the bumpers of their car.

Southdean had a photographic kiosk located near Tudor Court but this was later knocked down and the photographers moved into a room in the corner of Tudor Court around the 'Sussex Coast Country Club' time.

Kay Sharp by the photo kiosk.

  Ted and Kay developing somthing on the dance floor!
  I remember Ted & Jean also taking me to the annual fun-fair visit on St. Georges field Felpham near Bognor Regis.







'Phil The Photographer'

In later years, Phil took over the photography at 'Sussex Coast Country Club' and by this time, I had learned to use a 35mm SLR camera and was a useful asset/ slave for the photographers.  I got the occasional solo event to photograph, like the donkey derby but strangely, Phil always seemed to need to take the photos for the beauty contest!  He bought several new shirts each week and had a huge collection of them at the end of the season - My theory is that he only wore them once unless he found a good woman to do some washing for him!

Phil got his name, 'Phil the photographer' because he was at the camp when Phil McKernon was there as assistant entertainments manager and this avoided confusion. 

In the late 1970s I came across Phil again when he was working at 'The Talk of the Town' in London. 

Phil the photographer ( Mortimer might be his last name??) they were last living in Deptford. 

Where are you now Phil?  Got any photos? Silly question!
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