Map Of UK Holiday Camps


'UK Holiday Camps'  - Now has this interactive map below that you can add your favourite holiday camp to.



Navigating in Google Maps

You can navigate (move your view) in two dimensions in any Google Map. To pan (move the map), do one of the following:

  • Click and drag the map
  • Press the up arrow on your keyboard to move north
  • Press the down arrow on your keyboard to move south
  • Press the right arrow on your keyboard to move east
  • Press the left arrow on your keyboard to move west

Additionally, you can zoom in or out pressing the + or - keys. Move the cursor over a location and use the mouse scroll button to zoom in or out on that location. To center and zoom in on a location, double click the location.


Here's the simple step to putting your holiday camp on the map:

Just 'Contact Us' with the details of your favourite holiday camps and we will add them for you.  Try and provide:  Name of holiday camp (and subsequent name changes), address, any relevant websites for the camp.

We'll be adding more information to the 'Holiday Camps in the UK' map over the coming weeks and we would love your entries too.