Erik Jack

Erik Jack, also known as Erik Harris, was a former dancer and singer with the 'Young Generation' dance team that were part of Rolf Harris's TV show in the late 1960s.  Erik was at Sussex Coast Country Club on the entertainment team around the early 1970s.

He then had a brief involvement with running 'The Rex Ballroom', which was a large club situated on the seafront at Bognor Regis, near the site of the current 'Regis Centre'. 

In 1974 he started a cabaret floorshow and disco under the 'Life Entertainment Services' name.  See the 'Life Entertainment Services' page for more details.


Life Entertainment Services

Erik Jack started 'Life Entertainment' around 1973/1974 with the LIFE cabaret floorshow which consisted of several dancers and himself.  The floorshow was offered complete with Public Address system and this rapidly turned into 'Life Entertainment Mobile Discotheque' which proved to be very successful.  'Life Entertainment Services' offered the disco, lightshow, go-go girls, cabaret, dancers, PA System and choreography and travelled throughout Sussex and further afield.

Visit the Life Entertainment Services website to see what going on these days! 


Current contact details for Erik Jack: 01243 585432

Note: The contact details on this early business card are not valid!





'Leaping For Life' - 1974 Newspaper Cutting



Life Cabaret Floorshow Leaflet





'Eric Hopes He Has A Hit...' - Bognor Regis Observer 11/10/1974


'Best Trade Entry - Life Entertainment Services - Bognor Regis Carnival Float

Bognor Regis Post Newspaper 7/8/1976



Life Disco Adverts - Bognor Regis Post Newspaper 19/10/1974



Visit the Life Entertainment Services website to see what going on these days!