Southdean Entertainment Programme 1968


With the compliments of Southdean Holiday Centre, Middleton on sea, Sussex

Souvenir programme of weekly entertainment

1968 season under the direction of Kenny Essex - returning for his 10th season at Southdean, Ken is a professional entertainer, children's party host and toastmaster.

... Assisted by Ran & Rowena Sutton - returning after another highly successful pantomime and cabaret tour.

Southdean is under the personal supervision of Leslie J. Dean - managing director

Peter G Smith - manager

Your holiday is important to you - your enjoyment of it, is important to us.

In the event of bad weather alternative programme arranged in main building (alterations will be given in the dining room at mealtimes)

Saturday - Dance night

Lunch for new arrivals from 1-2 pm

Please obtain special luncheon card from reception

Your room will be available at 2.00 PM

Welcome to Southdean

7.15 bingo

8.00 children's special

8.45 quiet dance

10.00 sing song in the bar

10.30 meet the people dance

Sunday - cabaret night

9.20 keep fit

10.00 Krazy Kricket gents v rest

11.00 bingo

11.30 children's scavenger hunt

2.30 tennis tournament - mixed doubles

3.00 Punch and Judy

4.00 rounders

5.15 teenagers get together

7.15 bingo

8.00 children's special

8.30 star cabaret

9.30 sing song in the bar

10.00 cabaret and dance

Monday - floor show

9.20 keep fitter

10.00 Point to point treasure hunt

11.00 bingo

11.30 children's drawing contest

2.15 beach contest

2.30 seven a side soccer

4.00 ladies netball

5.00 children's putting

7.15 bingo

8.00 children's special

8.45 quiet dance

10.00 sing song

10.45 late night floor show

Tuesday - quiz and old time night

9.20 keep fit (or keep fat)

9.20 children's show rehearsals

10.00 baseball

11.00 bingo

12.15 beer and pop drinking contest

2.30 children's fancy dress parade

4.00 Southdean test cricket match

5.00 children's bowls tournament

7.15 children's own show

8.00 take your pick

9.00 old time dance

10.00 sing song

10.30 old time dancing and cabaret

Wednesday - fancy dress and night

9.20 daily slimming session

10.00 ramble

11.00 bingo

11.30 colored drawing contest

2.30 inter-house games and sports meet

4.00 birds and bees soccer

5.00 boys and girls soccer

7.15 bingo

8.00 "Black Jake's revenge" - Rep Company

9.15 fancy dress parade

10.00 sing song

10.00 crazy night dance and party

Thursday - minstrel night

9.20 nearly fit

10.00 stoolball

11.00 bingo

11.30 family scavenger hunt

2.30 personality queen contest

4.00 netball - staff V campers

5.00 cowboys on parade

7.30 Southdean's own minstrel show

9.00 record dance

10.00 sing song

10.30 goodwood races

Friday - farewell and ladies' night

9.20 final fitness

9.45 (prompt) children's zoo visit to Hotham Park Bognor

10.00 all finals

11.00 bingo

2.30 star soccer campers v staff

3.30 please return deckchairs and collect deposits

4.00 brain of the week contest

5.00 prize giving

7.15 bingo

8.00 children's special

8.45 old time music hall

9.30 ladies' night dance

10.00 sing song

10.30-12 farewell dance


Saturday - dance night

8.30 breakfast

Farewells! (and a safe journey home)

Don't forget to return your key and collect deposit

Lunch for departing guests 12.00 Noon

Extra events - whist drives except for will be arranged as required and announced in the dining room