Butlins Holiday Camps - Here are some of the best videos around

They give you a camper's view of Holiday Camp life - This is a new page and is currently a little tatty!


  Butlins Skegness in April 2007 - Shows - Accommodation, Rides 'Top Spin', The Billy Walk, Redcoats entertainment, children's rides, Bob the Builder show 
  Butlins Skegness - Top Spin ride
  Butlins Skegness - Funfair, Miami Wave, dodgems - Nice video
  Butlins Skegness - The Chico Experience live show - 2007
  Butlins Skegness - Christmas entertainment from the Redcoats - December 2007
  Butlins Skegness - Top Spin ride


      Butlins Skegness - Miami Wave Ride
Butlins Skegness - 'Off Limits' live with 'Simply The Best'
  Skyline Gang in Reds Christmas 2007 at Skegness Butlins
  Redcoat Carrie-Anne hosts show with Bob the Builder at Skegness




Butlins Holiday camps - Minehead
  Butlins Minehead - Children's rides and activities
  Butlins Minehead - McFLY - We are the young - Live performance November 2006
  Butlins Minehead - XFactor's Andy Abrahams version of 'Me and Mrs Jones' - June 2007
  Butlins Minehead - Children's rides and activities - 2007
  Shayne Ward at Minehead Butlins - November 2007
  Party In The Pavillion - Minehead Butlins - With Shayne Ward, Simon Webbe, Alesha Dixon, Ray Quinn, Chico, Brenda Edwards, Ashley and others



   Westlife live at Butlins Minehead - November 2006
  Ray Quinn at Butlins Minehead 'Party In The Pavillion' - 2007



Butlins Holiday camps - Bognor Regis
  Butlins Bognor - Dick Whittington Pantomime
  Titan Robot at Butlins Bognor Regis
  'Boney M' - Bognor Butlins for Disco Inferno Weekend


Butlins Holiday camps -
  Butlins Ayre - The slot machine bandit arcade - Wonderwest World - Ayre Scotland
  Butlins Ayre - Some of the rides at Wonderwest World - Ayre Scotland



Butlins Historical Holiday camp Videos
  Butlins in the late 1960s
  Wonderful Butlins Clacton video showing lots of vintage scenes - 'The Way We Were'
  Vintage Butlins clips from 1963 including boating lake and the Whip Thrill Ride!



Butlins Holiday camps - Adverts
  Butlins Boffins TV advert
  Butlins camper's good promotional video - Shows entertainers and cabaret artists
  1963 Butlins snooker advert
  Butlins TV advert - Come To Life
  Butlins TV advert from 2007
  Butlins TV advert 2006


   Butlins 2008 TV advert