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HI-DE-HI, COMRADES  -  An article by Iain Mayhew 07/01/2006 
BRITAIN'S first holiday camp is celebrating its centenary in 2006.

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Goodnight Campers! traces the development of the British holiday camp from its origins at the turn of the century and tells the complete story of a fascinating part of our popular culture. Read it online.

Sun, Sea and Sand is a book about the history of the Great British Seaside Holiday

Seaside Holidays in the Past
Allan Brodie, Andrew Sargent, Gary Winter
183 pages (June 22, 2005)  ISBN: 1850749310
This stunning photography book captures the spirit of the now almost lost tradition of the English seaside holiday. The photographs - all taken from English Heritage's unique collection of over ten million images held in the National Monuments Record - show how we used to take our summer holidays before cheap flights and package deals made foreign holidays affordable to all and led to the decline of the English seaside resort. From Victorian bathers to 1950s beach huts, from 19th-century fishermen to long destroyed landmarks such as New Brighton's tower (higher than its more famous rival, Blackpool) and from Punch and Judy shows to donkey rides, the book reminds us how we have changed as a nation and what we have lost forever. The NMR (National Monuments Record) is English Heritage's unique photographic archive. Open to the public, it has a collection of over ten million modern and historic photographs dating back to the 1840s. The collection contains illustrations of the industrial age, social history, architecture and archaeology as well as aerial shots covering the whole of England. It also houses the works of individual photographers, such as Hallam-Ashley and Henry Taunt.

Rare holiday camp directories:

Holiday Camps and Centres Directory
Paperback 122 pages (May 1973)  ISBN: 0854430504

United Kingdom Group Owners: Hotel Groups, Restaurant Groups, Brewers and Holiday Camps
(July 1976)  ISBN: 0905570103

Holiday Camps Directory and Magazine
144 pages (January 1970)  ISBN: 0854430121

Holiday Camps Directory and Magazine
120 pages (December 1970)  ISBN: 0854430180

Holiday Camps Guide
171 pages (December 1970)  ISBN: 0854710140

Holiday Camps and Centres Directory
116 pages (February 1974)  ISBN: 0854430539

Golden Guide to Holiday Camps: Holiday Camps and Centres Directory
174 pages (May 1972)  ISBN: 0854430237