The Punch and Judy show taking place on the green between the swimming pool and Dinning room.

Hector Seager - Punch and Judy Show operator in 1968 & 1969 (and possibly other years) 




'The Punch and Judy Man' was a black and white comedy film starring:

  • Tony Hancock
  • Sylvia Sims
  • Ronald Fraser
  • Barbara Murray
  • John Le Mesurier
  • Hugh Lloyd
  • Mario Fabrizi

It was made in 1962 and the seaside town scenes were filmed in Bognor Regis.  Kay Sharp took her 5 year old son along to where the filming was taking place and Peter ended up being an 'extra' in the film which included him proudly queing up for his cup of tea at break time.  It was filmed out of season so the beach scenes were flipping cold!